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Office Leasing
Kerayw has professional office leasing team, who has provided office leasing for more famous companies. With rich experience, our team also provide one-stop service to help clients on design, decoration, office furniture leasing & purchase as well as moving.
Property ID:  CN1225
Property Type:  Office
Property Name:  Sheng Gao International Building
Chinese Name:  盛高国际大厦
District:  Changning
Property Address:  137 Xianxia Rd
Metro Traffic:  Metro Line 2
Business Circle:  
Number of Floors:  27
Typical Floor Size-Gross(M²):  1460
Efficiency Rate:  75%
Rental(RMB/day/sqm):  4
Management Fee(RMB/month/sqm):  24
Parking Fee:  1300
Handover Of Conditions:  
Ceiling:  Suspended ceiling
Wall:  Painted wall
Floor:  Raised floor
Completed Year:  2005
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